Why Sarawak?

Eco Tourism

Rich with native sites and terrains, Sarawak is home to several unique habitats and wildlife. Conserving biodiversity is vital as we aim to provide both visitors and residents with the utmost organic cultural experience.


Various Public & Private Healthcare

With the top-notch medical management, Sarawak provides a wide array of public and private medical centres catered for every resident's needs.

High Quality Medicine & Equipment

As most of our hospitals are relatively small, you will feel extra special with the excellent care and treatments by our medical professionals.

Affordable Medical Cost

The Malaysian Government provides subsidised healthcare costs in public hospitals.


As Malaysia holds education in great value, all our public schools are provided for free by the Malaysian Government. Sarawak also prioritises ways in making high-quality education more accessible to our children.

Here’s what Joanne from Jiangxi, China has to say about education in Sarawak!

(Living in Kuching for 11 years)

Mobility Privilege
to West Malaysia

The S-MM2H Programme provides applicants with the choice to reside in West Malaysia too. As long as you stay in Sarawak for 30 days per year, you’re all good to travel and stay long-term anywhere within West Malaysia!

Low Cost of Living

Sarawak is known as an inexpensive destination to reside compared to other places in Malaysia with less than US$600 per month for a home-owning couple


As a place that holds people of diverse races, religion and background, Sarawak is home to more than 20 races and ethnicity speaking various languages mainly Chinese, Iban and English.

Diverse Flavours

With a capital city recognised under UNESCO’s ‘Creative City of Gastronomy’, Sarawak does not only serve flavourful international delicacies from around the world, but also reflects a boundless array of local food and culture.

If someone is looking for a 2nd home, I would definitely recommend them Sarawak as the 1st choice!
Mr. Fang from Shandong, China
— Living in Sarawak for 22 years

Am I Eligible?

You’re welcomed to apply if you fulfill these few criteria.